Producer Profile – Annabel & Andrew Edwards

Before COVID-19 brought the country to a standstill, Meadow Quality’s Flo Giles visited our producers, Annabel and Andrew Edwards, on their farm in the Worcestershire countryside. The Edwards’ husband and wife team showed Flo their farming system and explained how their relationship with Meadow Quality started. Annabel, Andrew and Phoebe (their 12-month old apprentice) first traded with Meadow Quality in 2019 when they met MQ Fieldsman, John Powell.

The Farm

Annabel and Andrew are tenant farmers on an old dairy farm. Originally starting with just 1 cow and her calf, they now have over 100 cattle and 220 ewes at their farm, with an additional 100 cattle on Annabel’s fathers farm, less than a mile away from home. Somehow, they both have full-time jobs on top! – Annabel and Andrew certainly know what hard work is.

They mainly keep Aberdeen Angus and Herefords, the two breeds which best suit their farm system. They now take a weekly delivery of calves from Meadow Quality, most of which are sold on as weanlings.

Annabel also keeps a herd of 20 pedigree Simmental cows and is starting a commercial herd to increase the suckler production, banking on sustainably produced, quick-finishing cattle being the future of farming.

Annabel’s parents live on the nearby family farm, where the family’s sheep stock and beef cattle are kept. The fat stock from both farms is sold through Meadow Quality’s secure website, following discussions with John Powell over abattoir pricing and stock readiness.

Annabel and Andrew enjoy working with Meadow Quality and particularly relish the fact that the service keeps them updated with insights into grading, weight, and health data. They are always happy to accept advice from John Powell regarding adjustments to feed regimes and herd plans.

Meadow Quality’s research into efficient feeding regimes and weight gain plans has enabled us to advise producers like Annabel and Andrew on improving efficiency, across their farm system. Learn more from our Livestock Information Hub.