Farming Future

Making the livestock industry smarter. cleaner. better.

In addition to our livestock marketing expertise, we are investing in state-of-the-art systems in our journey towards a more efficient, more profitable and brighter future in farming. 

As part of our pledge to contribute to the reduction of emissions from farming, we are introducing enhanced efficiency, research-driven schemes such as our Integrated Beef Expansion Scheme (IBES) and feed-conversion-efficiency trials.

Take a look at some of our work in the field…

We are always exploring new techniques and technology for the future of farming, seeking healthy, efficient development and full-lifecycle monitoring. This pursuit for farming efficiencies will maximise the quality and value of British livestock.

Meadow Quality trials are held under “normal” farm conditions, unaided by laboratory conditions. The exposure to real-life challenges and issues faced by farmers ensures that the trial yields reliable and applicable results. The outcomes of our research is therefore more reflective of the real efficiencies that vigilant and forward-thinking farmers can achieve with our support.

With more projects in the pipeline, we are leading our colleagues into the future of farming, providing efficiencies and maximising the value and potential of Great British livestock.

Stay tuned as we introduce more of our projects.