Supply Chain Solutions

Meadow Quality have an established pedigree in creating and managing sustainable supply chains that meet both current and evolving consumer needs.

Our Cattle

  • Calves are procured from selected dairy farms at 3-5 weeks old, then fully overseen until final delivery to the processor.
  • We build long-term relationships with dairy farms, promoting semen selection, which will also benefit the beef finisher and the processor.
  • Health monitoring of cattle throughout life.

Our Units

  • Health plans are in place across all partnering rearing and finishing units.
  • We carry a strong belief in driving the beef industry towards widespread reduction of antibiotics use.
  • We have an established network of Approved Finishing Units (AFUs) in place to readily allow access for TB restricted calves.
  • Units available with facilities to host trial platforms of both inputs and technology.
  • Use of EID and weighing infrastructure to guide drawing and performance analysis

Our Advantage

  • Ability to build the supply chain around the needs of the target consumer, to encompass breed, sex and production system. This includes organic and regional demands.
  • Developed software specifically for measurement of KPIs at baby calf intake.
  • Ongoing analysis of growth and finished data to strive for continuous improvement and efficiencies.
  • National coverage to allow for alignment of dairy contracts to meet preferable calf and cull cattle outlets.
  • Sign up schemes are completed annually, including audit visits and antibiotic strategy planning.

What makes the Integrated Beef Supply Chain different?

  • Guaranteed whole life traceability and assurance, including:
  • Selection of producers only using the highest welfare farming methods
  • Access to consumer driven KPIs, including:
    • Carbon measurement
    • Antibiotic use
    • Feed efficiency
  • Consistent carcase profiles
  • Short, mid and long-term quota fulfilment and forecasting of prime stock
  • Processor visits to ensure full understanding of raw material requirements

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