Looking to extract more from your Beef Production? Have you ‘Herd’ about the new AFUE?

What is the AFUE?

The Approved Finishing Unit with Enhanced Grazing is a new licenced holding classification approved by the APHA from August 2019. The AFUE is designed to bring an additional option for the production of TB Restricted Cattle alongside the existing isolation unit “ISO” & approved finishing unit without grazing “AFU”.

What are the Main differences between the new AFUE compared to AFUs and ISOs?

Over recent years, the grazing allowance on many established AFUS across England has been revoked forcing TB Restricted Beef Production to be progressively intensified. The AFUE will bring back the ability of the Beef Farmer to graze cattle and therefore reduce cost of production and design a system to suit a grass & forage-based units.

The AFUE also allows for the purchase of TB Restricted Cattle from “Multiple Sources” such as the Meadow Quality Collection Centre in Chippenham, where following two TB tests 90 Days apart the batch can be turned out.

What type of Cattle can be moved on to an AFUE?

  • TB Restricted Calves Under 42 Days Old from a Farm/Dispersal Sale /Dedicated Orange Market/Collection Centre without pre movement testing
  • TB Restricted Calves from 42-60 Days old from either farm/market/collection centre with a pre movement tb test
  • Cattle up to 12 Months of Age from a Housed Approved Finishing (Rearing) Unit with a pre movement test
  • Unrestricted calves up to 60 days old

What are the basic farm requirements?

Before considering applying for an AFUE a farm should:

  • Only be in a High-Risk Area of England
  • Have Wildlife Proof Buildings
  • Have the ability to provide a physical barrier between housed batches
  • Be prepared for regular TB Testing

The MQ View: Why is the AFUE such a fantastic opportunity?

The AFUE system looks to provide the Beef industry with an answer to the ongoing issues of a strong supply of TB Restricted Stock which currently has an extremely limited demand base.

At present due to the forced intensive nature of AFUS, demand for TB Restricted Calves lies overwhelmingly with the Dairy Steers & Continental X. However, a strategically planned production system on an AFUE also opens the door specifically for a successful grass based native finishing cycle, which would create a new market for the Angus & Hereford TB Restricted Calf which currently are extremely difficult to bring to market for a positive return.

Being involved in this system provides both the Dairy Farmer with a larger customer base for TB Restricted Calves and the Beef Farmer a greater opportunity to vastly reduce your cost of production on both stock intake value and diet, particularly pertinent when the Beef industry is under such financial pressure.

If you would like to learn about more opportunities such as the AFU,ISO OR AFUE or are interested in the purchase of TB Restricted Stock please give Meadow Quality a call on

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