Winner of the Clive Mahony Bursary 2020 – 12-months on

Last year, the Clive Mahony Bursary was awarded to Zara Blackmore, now a third-year agriculture student from Somerset. We’ve kept in touch with Zara over the past year, following her educational career. We were very pleased to hear from Zara earlier this month. Here’s what she told us…

“One year on and I am heading into my third and final year at university, in September. But, before that, I have my trailer test booked in for the middle of July!

My studies are going well. I have covered a variety of electives such as livestock production, farm mechanisation, economics, crop production, soil and environmental science, agricultural policy, legislation, and food production. My favourite has, without a doubt, been the livestock module, mainly because I can apply what I have learnt to my own flock.

When I graduate, I hope to find a farm advisor or farming engagement officer role. I would love to advise farmers about new environmental land management schemes, such as the sustainable farming incentive which will pay farmers to manage their land in an environmentally friendly way.”

Zara’s interest in progressing the agriculture industry was one of the key factors behind our decision to award the bursary to her. It’s great to hear that her passion for progressive, sustainable farming is growing during her time at university. We wish Zara all the best for her trailer test and final year of studies.


About the bursary

The award is named in honour of Clive Mahony, an industry-leading cattle specialist who sadly passed away in 2018. Clive was a fantastic ambassador of the agricultural sector and a valuable member of the Meadow Quality team.

The Clive Mahony Bursary is awarded annually, with £250.00 presented to an agricultural student under 35 to assist with their ongoing education. The bursary rewards agriculture students that, like Clive, have a passion for improving and promoting the UK farming industry.

Applications for the Clive Mahony Bursary will reopen on 1st January 2022.