Sally Griffiths 9 Months On

The 2023 Clive Mahony Bursary was awarded to Sally Griffiths in June. We are very pleased to have kept in touch with Megan over the past 9 months, following her agricultural studies. We were excited to hear how she has utilised the Clive Mahony Bursary. Here’s what Sally had to say…

‘I used the bursary for our final year study tour to the Northumberland region, where we learned about different farming systems in the region. It was fantastic to learn what different farmers were doing to reduce farm expenses by out-wintering cattle and using a range of different diversifications, such as on-farm cafes and ice cream parlours.’

She added that ‘The highlight of the trip was seeing how different businesses were trying to adapt their businesses to become more sustainable in a time where changing agricultural policy was an evident worry to them. This trip gave me a new perspective on how diverse British farming is, with no farm being the same, and has motivated me to pursue a career in the industry.’

Sally summarised, ‘The Clive Mahony award was a real honour and has assisted greatly with my final year studies of BSc Agriculture at Aberystwyth University.’

Sally’s passion for the livestock industry and interest in how farmers can become more sustainable in the future really stood out in the application process, so it is great to know that the bursary has helped her gain experience in this area. We wish her all the best as she completes her final year of studies, and we are excited to see what she does next.


About the Bursary…

The award is named in honour of Clive Mahony, an industry-leading cattle specialist who sadly passed away in 2018. Clive was a fantastic ambassador of the agricultural sector and a valuable member of the Meadow Quality team. The Clive Mahony Bursary is awarded annually, with £250.00 presented to an agricultural student under 35 to assist with their ongoing education. The bursary rewards agriculture students who, like Clive, have a passion for improving and promoting the UK farming industry.


How to apply for the Clive Mahony Bursary 2024…

We encourage applications from all UK agriculture students under 35 years of age. Applications are now open, if you are eligible, please apply by completing this online form. We look forward to reading all your applications!