Our Fieldsman Bob Bridgen is Retiring

We are saddened to announce that Bob Bridgen, one of our much-loved, golf mad fieldsmen will be retiring on 10th April 2020.

Bob has been with Meadow Quality for many years as a Livestock Fieldsmen covering the Dorset and Isle of Wight region. In his early days he teamed up with Gavin Isles from West Midland Farmers before Meadow Quality Ltd., was established. Together they offered both a livestock marketing service and a nutritionist service helping Bob’s customers to increase their livestock performance, a unique combination at that time.

When Gavin left Meadow Quality, Clive Mahony came down to select the cattle; in Bob’s words ‘what better training could anybody have’. Bob and Clive developed a good working relationship, giving tips on nutrition and absorbing Clive’s knowledge of finished cattle. After the two-year apprenticeship Bob was ready to go out on his own as part of the Meadow Quality team offering both feeding and  cattle selection advice; ‘a cradle to grave service’ as Bob calls it.

‘Whilst I am still enjoying the work and contact, as I am approaching 80 I feel it is the right time to stop especially in the present situation and difficulties in travelling. May I wish you all at Meadow Quality all the best and you can rest assured I am going to miss you.’

We will certainly miss you too Bob! Have a wonderful Happy Retirement!