Meadow Quality would like to wish their colleagues, hauliers, customers and their family’s safety and good health in this uncertain time. Over the past few days Meadow Quality has been building standard operating procedures and contingency plans to enable our livestock and food supply chain system to continue functioning throughout the coronavirus outbreak.

Whilst these standard operating procedures seem regulative and onerous, they are there to protect the safety and welfare of our employees and customers alike. If have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us on one of the contact numbers listed below.




Dairy farmers delivering to our collection centres-delivery times between 8am-12pm

  • When you have arrived on site, please stay within your own vehicle
  • MQ member will direct you onto the unloading bay
  • MQ member of staff will collect passports and paperwork through vehicle window
  • MQ member of staff will present producer with a disinfection form to sign and return
  • MQ staff will unload the calves off the vehicle after being advised by the producer of any concerns/malfunctions of the vehicle or livestock
  • Please stay within your vehicle on the unloading bay until your calves have been processed and checked against their passports
  • An MQ member of staff will notify you when you can leave the site
  • Thank you for your help and understanding


Hauliers delivering calves to our collection centres

  • Due to health and safety All hauliers must unload their own vehicle onto the unloading ramp
  • Paperwork will be delivered into a bucket provided on the unloading bay by the haulier
  • MQ members of staff will collect the paperwork and calves from the unloading ramp
  • MQ will process the calves whilst the haulier is cleansing and disinfecting their vehicle
  • No-one, other than MQ staff will be allowed to enter the collection centre
  • Thank you for your help and understanding


Beef farmers, rearers and hauliers collection calves from our centres between 2pm-4pm

  • When you have arrived on site, please stay within your own vehicle
  • Please notify your fieldsmen via phone to ensure they know of your arrival
  • MQ member of staff will direct you to the loading bay when your calves are ready
  • You will have the opportunity to assess the calves prior to loading whilst on the bay outside of the main building
  • If there is a need to swap or change one of the animals, a member of MQ staff will facilitate the change on your behalf
  • When calves are loaded, please pull off the loading ramp and stay within your vehicle and wait for your paperwork to be delivered to you
  • Thank you for your help and understanding


Routine farm visits

  • All routine farm visits are currently suspended for the safety of our employees and customers
  • If a farm visit is a necessity, then we will ensure that the farm is aware of estimated time of arrival of our member of staff
  • Where safe, practical and therefore possible, we would ask the farmer not to be present
  • Where this is not possible, a minimum of 2 metres MUST be maintained between both parties
  • MQ employees will not be allowed to enter farmhouses or confined areas
  • MQ employees will wear a new pair of latex gloves provided to them by MQ in these circumstances


We would like to thank you for your help and understanding during these times, please feel free to call us should you have any further questions.


Head Office                                                                                    01789 734100

Whitchurch collection centre                                               01948 666905

Chippenham collection centre                                             01249 783325

Commercial manager calves               Simon Fryar           07703 563787

Ruminant manager                                Stuart Vile                07802 379126

Chief exec                                               Matt Nightingale         07798 652006