Contract Calf Rearing Day

Friday the 12th of April 2019 saw the annual gathering of the Meadow Quality Calf Rearers, kindly hosted by Rob Collins and Hannah Moule, at their AFU in Worcestershire.

The modern unit features on demand milk feeders and an igloo housing system in an open barn with free flowing air above calf level.

Practical interactive best practice demonstrations and discussions led by Lambert Leonard and May and Boehringer on injecting and disbudding proved to be informative. Refresher courses are always important especially in a filed that is ever changing.

The farm visit was followed by lunch at the Admiral Rodney at Berrow Green.

Following lunch we bade a fond farewell to Nigel Moore, a calf rearer with MQ for over 20 years who is now retiring. Thank you for your loyal service and friendship Nigel, you will be missed!

Heather Niman from Boehringer then made an informative presentation covering welfare, pain levels during treatment and what tends to be treated with analgesic medication and what doesn’t in modern farming. Bill May then discussed health plans with the group.

Thank you to all who attended and made the event such a success.

We will be holding an event for reared calf buyers at the end of June, for more information please contact