Clive Mahony Bursary Award 2025

Clive Mahony Picture

The Clive Mahony Bursary 2025 OPENING SOON FOR applications

The Clive Mahony Bursary is awarded annually with £250.00 presented to an agricultural student under 35 to assist with their ongoing education. 

The bursary rewards agriculture students that, like Clive, have a passion for improving and promoting the UK farming industry. 

The application window will open on 2nd January 2025 and closes on on 31st May 2025.

The award is named in honour of Clive Mahony, an industry leading cattle specialist who sadly passed away suddenly in 2018. Clive was a fantastic ambassador of the agricultural sector and a valuable member of the Meadow Quality team.

Clive was a brilliant and knowledgeable livestock trading specialist therefore it is an honour to offer a bursary in his memory that can help to educate the next generation of the livestock industry. Clive had a thirst for knowledge and a fantastic understanding of the ever-changing livestock industry and supply chains. We hope that this bursary will help a similarly passionate person to further their education.

The Clive Mahony Bursary 2025 Application Form